Monday, 26 March 2012

Skull F**K

Hello guys. Sorry for the lack of posting. I have an art exam coming up (in a week actually) so I've been prepping for it. I'm doing stuff with dead animals and skulls as my topic. I lent this skull off my friend and thought I would do an outfit post with him. His name is Phil. Phil the skull.
Hope you get inspired and I'm sorry for the heavily photo'd post but I suppose it gives you lots to look at.


Black silk shirt- Vintage £12.
Acid wash bustier- Urban Outfitters £12.
Acid wash leggings- Urban Outfitters £10.
Creepers- £80.
Jewellery- Mixed but mostly topshop.
Watch- Casio, Urban Outfitters £40.
Lips- Barry M black.

Hope I inspired you, Hannah x
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Monday, 19 March 2012

Framed vision holes.

Glasses- new prescription.
Cotton black button up- Topshop £18.
Cable knit jumper- Charity shop.
Tights- Primark.
Shoes- CREEPERS £80.
Hat- eBay £10.

Hope I inspired you, Hannah x
My Twitter- 123cuppycake123
My instagram- _quiffstress_

Friday, 9 March 2012

Fragile bird~

Cardigan- Charity shop.
Blouse- Charity shop £1.75.
Belt- Vintage £3.
Denim shorts- H&M.
Socks- Primark £2 (pack of 3).
Shoes- Creepers.

Hope you got inspired. Hannah x
My Twitter- 123cuppycake123
My Instagram- _quiffstress_