Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pin up perfect red lips, high end and low end producs review.


In the photo below you can see MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICK. The lipstick is called 'dubonnet' by mac and it's a amplified cream finnish. Its honestly the most amazing colour ever. As you can see from the swatch its a true burgundy/ plum, blood red colour. The lipctick lasts ages and fades to a nice colour. Dubonnet smells divine, like vanilla like nearly all mac lipsticks do. Mac lipsticks retail for about £13 but this lipstick is worth it.
If you didn't already know I LOVE RED LIPSTICK WITH A PASSION! I wear it everyday because it makes me super duper happy.
This lipstick gives such a clean line without the use of a lip pencil underneith. Dubonnet is by far my most used lipstick because I honestly love it that much. It's the only lipstick I think I will actually finnish and also re-purchase. This beautiful shade will make any skin colour pop and make anyone look like a sexy pin up model in a matter of seconds.
I highly recommend this lipstick because its honestly the most beautiful shade of red and its also perfect for all year round.


In the photo below you can see one of the best and cheapest lipsticks you will ever see. Its called cherry pop and its number 9 from the collection 2000 long lasting lipstick collection. The collection is a perminent collection so you don't have to worry about it being limited edition.
First of all I have to say the wear on this lipstick is A*, it lasts for hours. I love how it's only about £3-£4 and is availabe in boots or superdrug and I've also seen it in morrisons.
This red lipstick has more of a orange tint to it compaired to most red lipsticks that usually have a brown or blue tint. I personally think this lipstick looks better on people with light hair because It looks better on me since I got my hair dyed blonde. I think the orange tones help this lipstick suit people with light hair but it also looked pretty damn sexy when I wore this when I had dark brown hair too.
The smell and taste of this lipstick is unusual. I cant really discribe it because it's so strange. Its a very artifical taste and almost fruity. Its not to bad so dont be put off.
I like this lipstick for summer because of the bright but beautiful colour and also the wear.
Over all I must say its a brilliant lipstick for the price even if the packaging isn't great and looks super tacky. I think this lipstick is brilliant if your just starting to wear reds (so is MUA shade 13 £1 from superdrug).
I think this is the 1st red lipstick I bought and ever since I have been hooked on red lipsticks and have about 12 different shades of red lipsticks :D


Hope I have helped you out when it comes to choosing a red lipstick. I personally like red lipsticks with a brown or blue tint because it suits my colouring better.
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have a great day love the red lipstick lover, Hannah xxx

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  1. i love collection 2000..... lipsticks there so cheap but they are really good thank u for sharing! i must now get the red one!

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