Friday, 30 September 2011

CCChelsea boots...

The classic Chelsea boot is everywhere for autumn/ winter and I am personally a huge fan. If you were looking for a pair I have scanned the internet and found 3 of my favorites to help you get inspired. I will be certainly adding these baby's to my Christmas list.

The boots above are an amazing green colour with a tan/ brown heel and black elastic. I love the contrasting colours in this boot and its probably my favorite out of the three I have chosen. 
These are a bargain £50 from ASOS.

I love the little heel on these boots because I think it has added almost a feminine touch to a once before quite manly boot. I like the classic black on black too, these are £40 from ASOS.

I bloody love these amazing burgundy Chelsea boots because I love burgundy anyway but these are just awesome. The sole looks really thick and well made and plus the stitching on the boot is also black to ad yet another nice contrasting touch to the boot. These are from eBay for £49.

I hope this has helped you get inspired and go look for some awesome Chelsea boots because come on lets face it they are wonderful :)
Thanks for reading, Hannah x
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Saturday, 24 September 2011

I finally have Mac CYBER! :D

Hello guys :D
I've wanted this glorious lipstick for the longest time and now finally I got it today.
I've got 3 other mac lipsticks in my collection but none of them compare to this little beauty.
I've been loving the idea for dark lips for winter so this will come in handy. It's such an amazing colour and I wanted to share it with you if you were looking for a similar shade...

In the newest mac collection (writing this on the 24/9/11) they have a really similar shade but in a matte finish so if you like this shade but don't like a satin finish go for that limited edition lipstick in the new collection. 

^^^ (FLASH!)^^^

Hope you enjoyed and I can garuntee you will be seeing more of this lipstick in future posts. If you are looking for this colour get Mac cyber, its just beautiful :)

Hannah x
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Friday, 23 September 2011

Cosmetic products & Vintage haul...

Hello guys :D
I haven't made a post in ages so I thought I would treat you to a massive collective haul... ENJOY

Collection 2000 eyeliner- £2.99
Barry M BLACK lipstick- £4.49
Collection 2000 concealer- £4.19

Hair spray (ITS AMAZING, BEST IV'E EVER TRIED) £3 asda.

Barry M black and white nail paints- two for £5 in superdrug.

Vintage inspired tin box- 50p from a charity shop. 

Leather Tula bag- £2.50 from a charity shop.

Beyond retro bag (IT WAS IN MY WEEKLY WANTS A FEW WEEKS BACK) £18ish.

Moccasin slippers- £5 from a local shoe shop.

scarf- £1 from a charity shop.

Navy bowler hat- £2.50 from a charity shop.

Top- £3 from a charity shop.

Burgundy dress- £18 from select.

Long blue and black maxi skirt- £2.99 from a charity shop.


Hope you've enjoyed and I have inspired you, Hannah x
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Inspiration for empty minds.

Hey guys, I'm finally a member of sixth form. I've always wanted to be a member of sixth form and now I finally am. I'm doing art, re, english and dt for A-level. I've been really busy this week and havent had time to put a weekly wants together so I thought I would post this really old OOTD (from when I had long hair) to inspire y'all. Enjoy...

Burgundy side collar jumper- £10 Vintage.
Black satin ribbon- 70p Random sewing shop.

Burgundy vans- £26 from an vans outlet.
Lacey socks- River Island ages ago.
Casio watch- I always wear this- £40 Urban Outfitters.

Denim shorts- Topshop £30-£40.
Belt- Charity shop £1.

Hope I've inspired you. Hopefully I'll be able to get another post up next weekend *crosses fingers*

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Monday, 5 September 2011

My Favourite products to use on my hair.

I love using different products on my hair and switching it up every so often but recently I have really been enjoying these products. I have had my short hair for 2 weeks now and these products have really helped me style my new hair cut :D

In the picture above you can see my hair spray.
This spray is from lidl and its a firm hold spray. Its not the best hair spray ever and using too much can make your hair crunchy but just a quick squirt helps my hair stay in place. You cant go wrong for a products thats under £1.

I love this product ^^^
Its the L'oreal studio silk and gloss hair straight cream. I have used so many heat protectors in the past and this one is by far my favourite. It helps protect my hair from heat and frizz so that alone is awesome but it's also handy for when your hair is dry to smooth over your hair to get rid of fly aways. I think this is about £3 in boots but it lasts ages.

This is another amazing product for the price (£1.60).
It's the boots own make leave in conditioner.
I used this a lot when my hair was long to help it stay healthy and also to detangle the mess.
I use it now to freshen up my hair when its a little old and oily and it does the job! Because my hair is very short at the back and I sleep on my back all night the back of my hair gets oily quicker than the rest of my hair so using this helps freshen my hair up between washes.

The moose in the picture above is from lidl. It's really cheap and works a treat!
I use this when my hair is dry before I start curling it with my straighteners (GHD thin ones). Using this gives my hair some body and also adds volume so I'm left with some bouncy big hair to curl. This moose works well on dry or wet hair but I find it's better when applied to dry hair because it eliminates fly aways.

The product in the picture above is from savers and I got it for £2.99 but I've also seen it in boots.
I love this product because when my hair is looking a bit limp the day after I have washed it this product adds oomf and also makes my hair look a lot more textured and powerful.

In the photo below you can see the 2 brushes I use on a daily basis.
The roller brush was from a pound shop for yes you guessed it, £1. I use this when blow drying my hair to add more volume on top and also use it to sort out the crown of my hair.
The rats tail comb in the picture was from Cyprus for 2 Euros but you can get them anywhere. I find it really good when parting my hair and also for when I back combe it to make it look even more volumised.
Rats tail comb's are awesome for short or long hair.

Hope I have helped and inspired you, Hannah x.
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Friday, 2 September 2011

Weekly wants & hello Autumn.

Im so excited for the colder months ahead. I love cold weather and shopping for winter essensials is always fun. I love how laid back winter fashion can be, just put on a pretty scarf and duffle coat and your instanly fashion forward.
This week I have been doing some intense charity shop and online shopping for winter so thats been exciting. Here are some of my favourites I have found online this week...

1- Topshop £12.
2- Topshop £6.
3- Topshop snood £16.
4- Topshop Quilted black jacket £55.

1- Kaos ear skins £7 a pair.
2- Cyber lipstick by Mac £13.50.
3- Urban Oufitters bowler hat £24.
4- Topshop blue velvet boots £75.

Hope you have got inspired by this weeks weekly wants.
I'm so excited for this winter! I really want some thick heeled boots and a bowler hat. I think they are going to be my statement pieces for this autumn/ winter.
Topshop has got some amazing winter stock in at the moment and so has Urban outfitters but also I've noticed that charity/ vintage shops have started to get their winter stock out too so thats good news for our pocket!
Thanks for reading, Hannah x
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