Monday, 5 September 2011

My Favourite products to use on my hair.

I love using different products on my hair and switching it up every so often but recently I have really been enjoying these products. I have had my short hair for 2 weeks now and these products have really helped me style my new hair cut :D

In the picture above you can see my hair spray.
This spray is from lidl and its a firm hold spray. Its not the best hair spray ever and using too much can make your hair crunchy but just a quick squirt helps my hair stay in place. You cant go wrong for a products thats under £1.

I love this product ^^^
Its the L'oreal studio silk and gloss hair straight cream. I have used so many heat protectors in the past and this one is by far my favourite. It helps protect my hair from heat and frizz so that alone is awesome but it's also handy for when your hair is dry to smooth over your hair to get rid of fly aways. I think this is about £3 in boots but it lasts ages.

This is another amazing product for the price (£1.60).
It's the boots own make leave in conditioner.
I used this a lot when my hair was long to help it stay healthy and also to detangle the mess.
I use it now to freshen up my hair when its a little old and oily and it does the job! Because my hair is very short at the back and I sleep on my back all night the back of my hair gets oily quicker than the rest of my hair so using this helps freshen my hair up between washes.

The moose in the picture above is from lidl. It's really cheap and works a treat!
I use this when my hair is dry before I start curling it with my straighteners (GHD thin ones). Using this gives my hair some body and also adds volume so I'm left with some bouncy big hair to curl. This moose works well on dry or wet hair but I find it's better when applied to dry hair because it eliminates fly aways.

The product in the picture above is from savers and I got it for £2.99 but I've also seen it in boots.
I love this product because when my hair is looking a bit limp the day after I have washed it this product adds oomf and also makes my hair look a lot more textured and powerful.

In the photo below you can see the 2 brushes I use on a daily basis.
The roller brush was from a pound shop for yes you guessed it, £1. I use this when blow drying my hair to add more volume on top and also use it to sort out the crown of my hair.
The rats tail comb in the picture was from Cyprus for 2 Euros but you can get them anywhere. I find it really good when parting my hair and also for when I back combe it to make it look even more volumised.
Rats tail comb's are awesome for short or long hair.

Hope I have helped and inspired you, Hannah x.
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  1. i think l'oreal and got2b are both great brands when it comes to haircare. :)

    <3, Mimi
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