Saturday, 2 July 2011

Vintage Life magazine review :)

If you love all things vintage this magazine will basically be like your holy book for the month.
I first heard about this magazine when a local vintage voutique tweeted about it. I found out thet have a website and a twitter account and they now sell it in loads of WH Smiths around the country (UK).
The magazine is £3.70 and I personally think thats quite pricey for a little magazine considering NME is only £2.40 but obviously this magazine is per month not per week like NME.
They are selling 10 issuses a year but 2 special ones for the christmas period.

In the photo above you can see issue 10. Issue 10 is the first Vintage Life issue I have bought and to be quite honest I LOVE IT. I adore anything vintage anyway but this is just the icing on the cake for my vintage needs. When I first seen the price I must admit I was put off but I then considerd its per month after all.
The front cover is always very eye catching with the different fonts and pretty pin up styled girl.
My first impression of this magazine after a quick flick through was 'ohh I'm impressed'. I was so impressed because of the content and the amount that was in it really.

All the way through the magazine there is lots of sexy adverts that will without a doubt be going on my wall. I love the advert thats in the picture above (hair gel, styling product advert) because it reminds me of the vintage war time adverts.
I thought it was a good idea to have lots of quirky adverts in the magazine because it helps inspire others and also lets people notice new websites and brands. There is a website about pin up makeup and also a vintage clothes website I NEED to check out.

For AGES I have been wondering how people do pretty vintage pin up era inspired hair styles but now thanks to Vintage Life magazine I know how to do them. In the july 2011 issue there are a couple of pages on hair styles so thats really helpfull for summer.
I also love how beautiful the models are in this magazine. They all look amazing and I thought the only thing that could make this magazine better is if it has any makeup looks in it, well.............

................There is makeup looks. I couldn't believe my luck when the first issue of Vintage Life magazine I had ever picked up had all this stuff in it. Its been a delight to discover these amazing twiggy inspired makeup looks that have inspired me. There is also step by step guides to show you how to create these amazing makeup looks. Im going to a wedding in september and Im tempted to wear one of these looks. Yes, to a wedding. Well why not?!

There is also a couple of little pages on a vintage inspired wedding and also a page on reconstruction vintage clothing that is sold on the high street.
If you love vintage clothing and general vintage things then you NEED this magazine. There is plenty of interviews and fashion tips to last you for a long time to come.
I HONESTLY LOVE this magazine and I wouldn't just say that. My mother even likes this magazine and she's never said that about a magazine I have bought before. I just wish I knew about the other 9 issues because this magazine would be lovely to collect.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review.
I love this magazine so get down to your local WH Smith (check vintage life's website to see if your local WH Smith stocks it) and pick up this pin up-tastic magazine.
Have a lovely day and I hope this magazine inspired others and not just me.
-Hannah x
(check out my youtube for more vintage fashion- 123cuppycake123)

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