Monday, 4 July 2011

My favourite/most worn necklaces.

This post is just showing you 4 of my most worn necklaces.
Theres some super cheap necklaces but I've also picked a more pricey one.

In the photograph above you can see probably my favourite necklace. Its a St Christopher necklace and I had it from ARGOS years and years ago but I've checked and they still sell them.
Apparently St Christopher is the saint of travel so it's supposed to wish you good luck on your travels. Not sure if it actually works but, yeah.
I love wearing this necklace when I have a blouse or shirt with a collar on because it looks nice when its poking out of the collar. I don't think this necklace was pricey as it was only from ARGOS. If you're interested in buying one you might want to look on ebay.

In the photograph above you can see my swallow bird necklace. Its a pretty silver necklace and looks lovely with any big necked tops.
This necklace, believe it of not is from AVON.
I'm unsure of the price as my mother bought it.
I love birds so I really like this necklace because it looks nice with anything really.
If you're interested in buying a similar necklace check your AVON catalogue or have a search online.

In the photograph above is probably the most expensive necklace I own.
It was a present off my auntie and I used to wear it everyday but now I only wear it every now and then.
I love this necklace because it's perfect for everyday wear and also it's perfect for all year round.
My mother had a similar one in pink so I think they might come in different colours.
I like the dimention of the crystal heart and the brown cord is a nice touch to the necklace.
Because the crystal heart is clear it goes with anything so thats good.
If you're interested in getting one look on the swarovski website or even in duty free in an airport if your going away this summer.

In the photograph above you can see my treasured topshop necklace.
I LOVE this necklace and is probably one of my favourites.
This was a present off my friend Hannah for my 16th birthday and I love wearing this necklace with basically anything. It's a nice size and is adjustable.
Im unsure of the price because as I said it was a present but look on the Topshop website for any details and also if you're interested in buying one.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Look on the internet to see if you can get hold of any of the necklaces I have shown If you want to buy similar ones.
Happy necklace shopping- Hannah x
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