Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Idol. This Charming Man.

As a Morrissey fan I just thought it was appropriate to do a blog post on this charming man.
I've put together a selection of my favourite Morrissey photos (mostly from the 80's) just for you as the reader to appreciate such genius.

I am basically in love with Morrissey's hair. Its amazing and only a true master could withhold such craftsmanship upon ones head.

Morrissey isn't the happiest of people and enjoys the company of cats. He's still a legend in my eyes wether hes happy or not. 'Heaven knows I'm miserable now'

Just a sneaky buy sexy picture of Morrissey when he was in The Smiths. He recently sang at Glastonbury and sang some of the best songs in his career.

Above is a newer picture of Morrissey but as you can see hes still beautiful and a hero to many, many people.

I hope you have enjoyed this short but beautiful blog post.
I just thought it was nice to share my idol with the world and do a blog post on the genius that we all know and love as Steven Patrick Morrissey.
Even though I'm not a vegitarian remember, 'meat is murder'.
Morrissey would be proud.
Thanks for reading and admiring.
-Hannah x
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