Thursday, 30 June 2011

My favourite summer perfumes...

In the photo above you can see a very well used bottle of calvin klein one summer perfume.
Its a very fresh and summery smell that is very hard to discribe.
Its not floral, fruity or musky its just....... fresh.
It has a slight manly smell but I really like that.
The blue colouring to the perfume doesn't come our on clothing because it seems to spray out clear which is a good thing.
The bottle is glass and it looks very classy when its on my usual perfume shelf.
This is one of my favourite perfumes because of its distinctive fresh smell but its been well used since I got it for my birthday last year. I would re-purchase this fresh perfume over and over.
(I do not know the price of this because it was a gift, sorry)

 In the photo above you can see a medium sized bottle of Lee stafford pink passion.
You can see its well loved because I only have about 2cm left and I've had it since christmas 2010.
This perfume is very long lasting and I like that because the CK one doesn't last that long.
This perfume is very fruity and its a lovely perfume for everyday wear in summer and spring. This perfume has a very citrus smell and its very addictive because when I wear it i just keep spraying it all day even though its long lasting (thats probably the reason why I have about 2cm left).
I got this perfume at BOOTS and it was only about £6 so I will be getting a new one really soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading my perfume filled post.
I do recomend you go smell these.
DON'T FORGET if your going on holidays this year you can get these cheaper in duty free in the airport.
have a lovely day and a fantastic summer, smelling divine....
Hannah x
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My favourite Vintage dress I own 30/6/11

I love this vintage dress. Its from a local vintage shop but the make is POP! and I know there are a couple of POP! boutiques around the UK.
I love this dress because its really classy and reminds me of a classic pin up dress.
I love the square neck line as you can see in the picture below.
This dress also has a lovely ruffle that hangs over the shoulders and also has a beautiful red and yellow tulip design.
There is elastic that sinches you in under the bust and the length is awesome for summer or even for autumn when paired with tights, boots and a cardie or jacket.
I love this dress because it can be dressed up or dressed down.
Im planning on wearing it to my couisns sweet 16th birthday party/meal with some heels, suspernder tights and a burgundy satchel I had in the urban outfitters sale.
I payed £20 for this dress and its the most expensive piece of vintage clothing I own but I fell in love with the pretty shape and design of the dress.

When I wear this dress I usually wear my favourite lipstick, dubonnet by Mac.
This lipstick is perfect for this dress because its the same colour as the red tulips on the dress.

Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post.
Maybe I have inspired you to look out for an unusual but classic dress like mine.
Have a happy day, Hannah x
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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pin up perfect red lips, high end and low end producs review.


In the photo below you can see MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICK. The lipstick is called 'dubonnet' by mac and it's a amplified cream finnish. Its honestly the most amazing colour ever. As you can see from the swatch its a true burgundy/ plum, blood red colour. The lipctick lasts ages and fades to a nice colour. Dubonnet smells divine, like vanilla like nearly all mac lipsticks do. Mac lipsticks retail for about £13 but this lipstick is worth it.
If you didn't already know I LOVE RED LIPSTICK WITH A PASSION! I wear it everyday because it makes me super duper happy.
This lipstick gives such a clean line without the use of a lip pencil underneith. Dubonnet is by far my most used lipstick because I honestly love it that much. It's the only lipstick I think I will actually finnish and also re-purchase. This beautiful shade will make any skin colour pop and make anyone look like a sexy pin up model in a matter of seconds.
I highly recommend this lipstick because its honestly the most beautiful shade of red and its also perfect for all year round.


In the photo below you can see one of the best and cheapest lipsticks you will ever see. Its called cherry pop and its number 9 from the collection 2000 long lasting lipstick collection. The collection is a perminent collection so you don't have to worry about it being limited edition.
First of all I have to say the wear on this lipstick is A*, it lasts for hours. I love how it's only about £3-£4 and is availabe in boots or superdrug and I've also seen it in morrisons.
This red lipstick has more of a orange tint to it compaired to most red lipsticks that usually have a brown or blue tint. I personally think this lipstick looks better on people with light hair because It looks better on me since I got my hair dyed blonde. I think the orange tones help this lipstick suit people with light hair but it also looked pretty damn sexy when I wore this when I had dark brown hair too.
The smell and taste of this lipstick is unusual. I cant really discribe it because it's so strange. Its a very artifical taste and almost fruity. Its not to bad so dont be put off.
I like this lipstick for summer because of the bright but beautiful colour and also the wear.
Over all I must say its a brilliant lipstick for the price even if the packaging isn't great and looks super tacky. I think this lipstick is brilliant if your just starting to wear reds (so is MUA shade 13 £1 from superdrug).
I think this is the 1st red lipstick I bought and ever since I have been hooked on red lipsticks and have about 12 different shades of red lipsticks :D


Hope I have helped you out when it comes to choosing a red lipstick. I personally like red lipsticks with a brown or blue tint because it suits my colouring better.
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have a great day love the red lipstick lover, Hannah xxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thin Vs Thick belts. (model'd on a charity shop dress)

In these photos I am modeling a light mint coloured vintage dress I got from the charity shop for about £2.50. This dress has been alterd, my mother shortend the length to above my knee because it was below my knee when I bought it. The dress is pretty and has thin pleat's on the front and also on the chest. This dress has a teardrop neck line with a cute little button. If you like the style of this dress why not try to look out for one in your local charity/vintage shop. I have quite olive skin so light green coloured clothes make my skin colour look nicer. Try to look for coloured clothing that will suit your hair and skin colour.

In the photograph above you can see I am modeling the dress with a petit, thin black belt done up at the smallest part of my waist to make my figure look more curvey. I like the look of the thin belt because I think it adds a delicate look to the outfit and I think it looks very pretty and feminin. The thin belt isn't too obvious and adds a nice touch to the outfit. I would also wear this dress with other coloured belts too like brown or even a nice emerald green one would look awesome.
Because the dress has a teardrop neck line (you can see it more clearly in the photo below) I wouldn't wear a necklace with it because I think the belt looks ok, customisation wise but I would throw on a nice black or grey cardie if the weather was chilly.
In the photo above I am modeling the dress with a thicker black belt done up at the smallest part of my waist, again its because it helps add curves.
I really LOVE the look of the thick belt because it makes the dress look like more of a statement dress. I think that with a thicker belt it makes the dress look more casual. The big buckle adds texture and dimention to the dress. I would also wear this with a thick brown belt or any other coloured belt that would complement the fresh colour of the dress.
Because the belt is so big I would wear the belt over the cardie aswell as the dress if I decided to team the dress with a cardie for colder weather.

Over all I prefer the dress with a thicker belt so I have to say THICK has won this one :)
This dress is a really simple cut so if you're really clever you could even have a go of making your own simple teardrop necked dress (let me know in the comments if you are going to try and make a similar dress).
DON'T FORGET you can wear any belt you like I just prefer the thicker one and also If you have a different body shape to me belt your dress in the most flattering place for you.
hope I helped..... Hannah x
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Monday, 27 June 2011

Styling an oversized blouse/shirt for summer fashion. -adding a belt to oversized shirts or blouses.

In the photo above I am modeling a oversized linen shirt I got from a charity shop for a bargain, £1.79!!!
To make a straight up and down body like mine have curves adding a belt is a great way to create sexy summer curves. I personally like thin belts if your shirt has a heavy pattern on it like mine does but if your shirt or blouse has no pattern feel free to go for a thick belt.
     I am wearing this with frayed light denim shorts underneith. These shorts were about £30-£40 from topshop. I love wearing shorts under baggy tops because its very comfy and stylish for hot summer days out shopping.
     I normally wear my hair in a side plait or in a scruffy bun when I wear this look because I think it looks good with the outfit but obviously you can do whatever you like with your hair when your rocking this belted outfit. I also think that if you got it FLAUNT it so I like wearing short shorts to show off my legs but if you don't like your legs you could always wear some thin tights or just scrap the shorts and wear jeans or leggings.
When belting a oversided shirt I like to belt it in the smallest part of my waist because I have a straight up and down figure. If you are more 'busty' don't be afraid to show off what you got and belt it under your bust but if you don't like either of those ideas you could always belt it on your hips or even not at all. (I have a post up on how to style a shirt without a belt).
     I hope I helped you if you were puzzeld on how to style a huge shirt. So now you can go and get yourself some oversized tops to wear this summer and most importantly wear them with confidence and style.
(whatever your shape or size I hope I have inspired you.)
Thank you for reading, Hannah xxx
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Styling an oversized blouse/shirt for summer fashion. -slouchy casual look.

In the photo above Im modeling a large oversized linen shirt that I got in a charity shop for a measly £1.79.
     I think this large shirt looks really casual and not to overdone when you wear scruffy frayed denim shorts underneith (shorts- topshop £30-£40). This look is perfect for summer because its not too clingie so you wont get really hot on boiling summer days. The strong print is enough of a statement alone but adding a plain bag or sandles would also go well with this symplistic look. The linen fabric is nice and airy so you wont get to warm while you're shopping or even having a BBQ over a mates house :D
     If you wanted to rock this look and make it more retro themed you could always wear it with some scruffy plain converse and some fake/real ray bans or even with a summery hat and beaded jewelery to make it more of a boho look.
     If you wanted to wear this shirt with some stylish chinos or even with some black leggings or black skinnies you could still carry off this awesome summery look by adding key summer pieces like a nice pair of sunnys or if it was a chilly summer day you could always wear a thin cardie with it.
Have fun making versityle pieces with your clothing this summer....
hope you enjoyed, Hannah xxx
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Styling an oversized blouse/shirt for summer fashion. -tucking shirts in for a preppy look.

As you can see in the photo above I am modeling a huge linen shirt that I got from a local charity shop for only £1.79. Sometimes larger clothing can be hard to wear and hard to pull of on a small figure so I have come up with a few ways to style oversized blouses and shirts for summer weather.
     In the photo above as you can see I have simply tucked in the large linen shirt into some vintage inspired frayed shorts from topshop. I like this look as it is very simplistic and pretty.
     I think this outfit would look really pretty with a nice frayed or satchel bag and hair tied up in a scruffy bun right at the top of your head. You could even complete this look with scruffy converse and lots of black eyeliner to add a grungy style to this preppy yet smart look. If you wanted you could always add some ripped tights to go for a scruffy stylish look or even add some jewelery to make the outfit look more feminin.
     This outfit can be carried off by any girl whatever your shape or size, but remember to add your own personal touch to your outfit to make you unique :)

Hope you enjoyed, have a lovely day- Hannah x
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Transforming a long granny dress from a charity shop into a beautiful summer tea dress :)

Believe it or not this used to be a horrible old granny dress. I bought it in a local charity shop for only £2.99 and saw potential in it straight away. I snapped up this drab dress in hope I could transform it into a cheery piece of clothing to love for years to come.
     I think I have given this dress a new life as a pretty summer tea dress perfect for shopping, eating out and even for summer holidays abroad.
     To transform this dress into what it looks like in the photo I used my mothers trusty sewing skills (every girl needs her mothers help every once in a while right?) because shes AMAZING at hand sewing. I basically tried the dress on and cut it to the length I wanted it then my lovely mother hemmed it with her sewing skills. It looked ok with baggy quater length sleeves but it needed more.......... OOMPFF so I simply cut the sleeves off to create this vest top looking dress that I now have the plesure of wearing.
The picture below allows you to see the dress on the hanger without the belt. I think the shape suits my very flat figure and the colours work will with my blonde hair :)
When I tan my skin goes to quite a olive colour so the greens and warm reds in this dress will look lovely with my tan.
I hope I have inspired you to transform clothes and look for potential in clothes.
hope you have a lovely day and follow my blog if you enjoyed this post because trust me, there will be plenty more..... x
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