Monday, 27 June 2011

Styling an oversized blouse/shirt for summer fashion. -slouchy casual look.

In the photo above Im modeling a large oversized linen shirt that I got in a charity shop for a measly £1.79.
     I think this large shirt looks really casual and not to overdone when you wear scruffy frayed denim shorts underneith (shorts- topshop £30-£40). This look is perfect for summer because its not too clingie so you wont get really hot on boiling summer days. The strong print is enough of a statement alone but adding a plain bag or sandles would also go well with this symplistic look. The linen fabric is nice and airy so you wont get to warm while you're shopping or even having a BBQ over a mates house :D
     If you wanted to rock this look and make it more retro themed you could always wear it with some scruffy plain converse and some fake/real ray bans or even with a summery hat and beaded jewelery to make it more of a boho look.
     If you wanted to wear this shirt with some stylish chinos or even with some black leggings or black skinnies you could still carry off this awesome summery look by adding key summer pieces like a nice pair of sunnys or if it was a chilly summer day you could always wear a thin cardie with it.
Have fun making versityle pieces with your clothing this summer....
hope you enjoyed, Hannah xxx
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