Sunday, 26 June 2011

Transforming a long granny dress from a charity shop into a beautiful summer tea dress :)

Believe it or not this used to be a horrible old granny dress. I bought it in a local charity shop for only £2.99 and saw potential in it straight away. I snapped up this drab dress in hope I could transform it into a cheery piece of clothing to love for years to come.
     I think I have given this dress a new life as a pretty summer tea dress perfect for shopping, eating out and even for summer holidays abroad.
     To transform this dress into what it looks like in the photo I used my mothers trusty sewing skills (every girl needs her mothers help every once in a while right?) because shes AMAZING at hand sewing. I basically tried the dress on and cut it to the length I wanted it then my lovely mother hemmed it with her sewing skills. It looked ok with baggy quater length sleeves but it needed more.......... OOMPFF so I simply cut the sleeves off to create this vest top looking dress that I now have the plesure of wearing.
The picture below allows you to see the dress on the hanger without the belt. I think the shape suits my very flat figure and the colours work will with my blonde hair :)
When I tan my skin goes to quite a olive colour so the greens and warm reds in this dress will look lovely with my tan.
I hope I have inspired you to transform clothes and look for potential in clothes.
hope you have a lovely day and follow my blog if you enjoyed this post because trust me, there will be plenty more..... x
ps. I make youtube videos discribing in more detail about vintage and charity shop clothing so go check them out if you enjoyed reading this post. YouTube username:- 123cuppycake123

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