Monday, 27 June 2011

Styling an oversized blouse/shirt for summer fashion. -adding a belt to oversized shirts or blouses.

In the photo above I am modeling a oversized linen shirt I got from a charity shop for a bargain, £1.79!!!
To make a straight up and down body like mine have curves adding a belt is a great way to create sexy summer curves. I personally like thin belts if your shirt has a heavy pattern on it like mine does but if your shirt or blouse has no pattern feel free to go for a thick belt.
     I am wearing this with frayed light denim shorts underneith. These shorts were about £30-£40 from topshop. I love wearing shorts under baggy tops because its very comfy and stylish for hot summer days out shopping.
     I normally wear my hair in a side plait or in a scruffy bun when I wear this look because I think it looks good with the outfit but obviously you can do whatever you like with your hair when your rocking this belted outfit. I also think that if you got it FLAUNT it so I like wearing short shorts to show off my legs but if you don't like your legs you could always wear some thin tights or just scrap the shorts and wear jeans or leggings.
When belting a oversided shirt I like to belt it in the smallest part of my waist because I have a straight up and down figure. If you are more 'busty' don't be afraid to show off what you got and belt it under your bust but if you don't like either of those ideas you could always belt it on your hips or even not at all. (I have a post up on how to style a shirt without a belt).
     I hope I helped you if you were puzzeld on how to style a huge shirt. So now you can go and get yourself some oversized tops to wear this summer and most importantly wear them with confidence and style.
(whatever your shape or size I hope I have inspired you.)
Thank you for reading, Hannah xxx
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