Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thin Vs Thick belts. (model'd on a charity shop dress)

In these photos I am modeling a light mint coloured vintage dress I got from the charity shop for about £2.50. This dress has been alterd, my mother shortend the length to above my knee because it was below my knee when I bought it. The dress is pretty and has thin pleat's on the front and also on the chest. This dress has a teardrop neck line with a cute little button. If you like the style of this dress why not try to look out for one in your local charity/vintage shop. I have quite olive skin so light green coloured clothes make my skin colour look nicer. Try to look for coloured clothing that will suit your hair and skin colour.

In the photograph above you can see I am modeling the dress with a petit, thin black belt done up at the smallest part of my waist to make my figure look more curvey. I like the look of the thin belt because I think it adds a delicate look to the outfit and I think it looks very pretty and feminin. The thin belt isn't too obvious and adds a nice touch to the outfit. I would also wear this dress with other coloured belts too like brown or even a nice emerald green one would look awesome.
Because the dress has a teardrop neck line (you can see it more clearly in the photo below) I wouldn't wear a necklace with it because I think the belt looks ok, customisation wise but I would throw on a nice black or grey cardie if the weather was chilly.
In the photo above I am modeling the dress with a thicker black belt done up at the smallest part of my waist, again its because it helps add curves.
I really LOVE the look of the thick belt because it makes the dress look like more of a statement dress. I think that with a thicker belt it makes the dress look more casual. The big buckle adds texture and dimention to the dress. I would also wear this with a thick brown belt or any other coloured belt that would complement the fresh colour of the dress.
Because the belt is so big I would wear the belt over the cardie aswell as the dress if I decided to team the dress with a cardie for colder weather.

Over all I prefer the dress with a thicker belt so I have to say THICK has won this one :)
This dress is a really simple cut so if you're really clever you could even have a go of making your own simple teardrop necked dress (let me know in the comments if you are going to try and make a similar dress).
DON'T FORGET you can wear any belt you like I just prefer the thicker one and also If you have a different body shape to me belt your dress in the most flattering place for you.
hope I helped..... Hannah x
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