Thursday, 30 June 2011

My favourite summer perfumes...

In the photo above you can see a very well used bottle of calvin klein one summer perfume.
Its a very fresh and summery smell that is very hard to discribe.
Its not floral, fruity or musky its just....... fresh.
It has a slight manly smell but I really like that.
The blue colouring to the perfume doesn't come our on clothing because it seems to spray out clear which is a good thing.
The bottle is glass and it looks very classy when its on my usual perfume shelf.
This is one of my favourite perfumes because of its distinctive fresh smell but its been well used since I got it for my birthday last year. I would re-purchase this fresh perfume over and over.
(I do not know the price of this because it was a gift, sorry)

 In the photo above you can see a medium sized bottle of Lee stafford pink passion.
You can see its well loved because I only have about 2cm left and I've had it since christmas 2010.
This perfume is very long lasting and I like that because the CK one doesn't last that long.
This perfume is very fruity and its a lovely perfume for everyday wear in summer and spring. This perfume has a very citrus smell and its very addictive because when I wear it i just keep spraying it all day even though its long lasting (thats probably the reason why I have about 2cm left).
I got this perfume at BOOTS and it was only about £6 so I will be getting a new one really soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading my perfume filled post.
I do recomend you go smell these.
DON'T FORGET if your going on holidays this year you can get these cheaper in duty free in the airport.
have a lovely day and a fantastic summer, smelling divine....
Hannah x
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