Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hair tips for all hair types and styles.

Don't wash your hair everyday unless you have a very oily scalp. Washing your hair everyday can cause frizz and also wash away important oils that your hair needs.

Use shampoo and conditioner specialised to your hair type and style. Use shampoo and conditioner for dry hair if you have dry hair and use colour shampoo and conditioner if you have coloured hair. It's obvious really, but I'm just putting it out there.

Get your hair trimmed/ cut every 4-6 weeks to prevent damaged hair and slit ends.

If you have dry and damaged hair it's better to lay off the heated tools and leave your hair air dry instead of blow drying it.

If you have long hair dont brush it when it's wet. Use a wide tooth combe so it wont break any hair or damage it in anyway.

Eating healithy and drinking 2 litres of water a day will help keep your hair shiny and extra healthy.

Protect your hair in the summer by spraying conditioner spray and heat protectant on it so it can maintain it's healthy features.

Hope I have given good advice when it comes to hair.
I am no hair expert or a hair dresser but I have given hair tips on my experience with my own hair.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Happy healthy hair for all!
-Hannah x
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  1. I'm pretty rubbish with using masks on my hair, I tend to shampoo, condition and then leave it, even though I know it's not that good for it, really need to get into a better routine!x