Sunday, 3 July 2011

My bargain classic black satchel.

Hello. So today I thought I would do a little post on the best bargain I have ever had.
So, I went to a local car boot sale to sell off some of my old and unwanted stuff to get some money but while I was there my mother spotted this little beauty.
I simply went over to the persons car boot picked it up and the polite man said 'umm £1 that is' I know I was shocked too.
I ran back to my car boot and got £1 out of our money bag and got this amazing satchel.
It's not leather but its very sturdy and quite heavy. Im going into sixth form in september and Im going to use this as my school bag. I intend on taking art so this bag will be great to carry my art book.

In photo 1 you can see a close up of the front of the satchel. It has classic satchel features and a nice finnish. In photo 2 you can see the inside of the satchel. It has two empty pockets for books and one pocket at the front for keys and my phone. It's nice and roomy and basically perfect for school.
In photo 3 you can see a close up of the clasps used to shut the satchel. I gave the clasps a quick wipe down with a baby wipe to make them more shiny.
In photo 4 you can see the clasp from another angle and also the stitching.

In photo 1 you can see how I would wear the satchel. You can see the real size in this photo because it is massive.
In photo 2 you can see what it looks like when the clasped flap is opend. Its black in the inside.
In photo 3 you can see what it would look like if I was to hold it by the handle not the strap.
In photo 4 you can see my new everyday bag. Again this is a satchel style. It's from urban outfitters and was £18 in the sale. Its much smaller than the £1 satchel but its very pretty and my favourite colour, burgundy.
I put that photo up because just incase you were looking for a new bag or a nice satchel then that's one you might want to buy. They also have it in different colours like black and a tan brown.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post.
I hope I have inspired you to go car booting and also to look out for amazing bargains like I got.
I love my new satchel and the best thing about a piece like that is that I will be the only one in my school with that bag in september and that makes me happy :)
have a lovely day and happy satchel shopping, Hannah x
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