Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Top 8 most worn item's.

1) Most worn lipstick/ lipgloss: Dubonnet- MAC
2) Most worn earrings: My 6mm silver and crystal tunnels. (local shop)
3) Most worn shirt: My charity shop linen shirt (£1.70 ish)
4) Most worn nail polish: Rimmel celebrity bash. It's actually number 391 not 291, sorry.
5) Most worn shoes: Black moccasins £40
6) Most worn accessory
7) Most worn perfume: Kate moss- Velvet hour. MY FAVOURITE PERFUME EVER!
8) Most worn handbag/purse

Hope you enjoyed this short but heavily edited post.
Have a lovely day.
Hannah x
(My YouTube- 123cuppycake123
My Twitter- 123cuppycake123)
: My new burgundy Urban Ourfitters satchel. 
: St Christopher necklace from ARGOS.

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