Saturday, 24 September 2011

I finally have Mac CYBER! :D

Hello guys :D
I've wanted this glorious lipstick for the longest time and now finally I got it today.
I've got 3 other mac lipsticks in my collection but none of them compare to this little beauty.
I've been loving the idea for dark lips for winter so this will come in handy. It's such an amazing colour and I wanted to share it with you if you were looking for a similar shade...

In the newest mac collection (writing this on the 24/9/11) they have a really similar shade but in a matte finish so if you like this shade but don't like a satin finish go for that limited edition lipstick in the new collection. 

^^^ (FLASH!)^^^

Hope you enjoyed and I can garuntee you will be seeing more of this lipstick in future posts. If you are looking for this colour get Mac cyber, its just beautiful :)

Hannah x
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  1. oh yesh!! i hve the same lippy it smells divine dont you think?xx

  2. such a gorgeous colour, i want it!