Friday, 3 February 2012

I heard the night as if it were a chorus of whispering women~

Even though I look really out of proportion in these photos I thought I'd make a post out of it because some of them came out decent. I really love this dress and I personally think it works well as a skirt too :D thank you topshop velour dress for being multipurpose.

Shoes- creepers.
Sheer knee highs- primark £1.

Velour dress- Topshop £18.

Rings- Vintage and Topshop.

Stag jumper- Vinatge handed down.
Necklace cross- 20p machine.

Hope you got inspired buy this post, have a great day! x

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  1. I love the velvet/velour dress. It looks great on you, especially the wine color against the fairness of your skin. Very pretty.

  2. I love your style and velvet aswell x

  3. lovin your outfit! gotta follow your blog :)
    you look gorgeous btw xo