Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Charity shop WINTER haul.

I saved my money for months and finally spent about 98% of it this week. These are some of the things I got in local Charity/ Vintage shops... enjoy :)

This massive cable knit jumper was £20 from a local Vintage shop.

I know this jacket is kinda vile and is also a XXL but I couldn't leave it in the charity shop for £5. I love the suede and aztec wool combination. Love at first sight.

I needed a new plain white shirt so I got this one from a local charity shop for £1... sorted. 

This is one of my favourite charity shop finds ever! it's a shirt with fishing hooks and chains on it. I'm not a fishing fan but I loved the retro design of this and for £1 you cant go wrong!

Hope you enjoyed, Hannah x
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  1. these are all really cool! i wish there were some cool vintage shops where i live... Awesome style and blog btw!

    Hayley xx