Tuesday, 30 August 2011

£10 Budget.

Hello guys so today I went charity shop shopping with my mother to a local town where I know there are brilliant charity shops. I didn't want to spend too much money because I am trying to save so I decided to set myself a £10 budget to prove to you guys and myself that you don't need to be rich to get new clothes for autumn/ winter. I also thought this would be an awesome idea so I could show you guys that it is worth looking in charity shops because you can get alot when under a budget.

I got this amazing coat for a BARGAIN £5!
It still had the tag on it so it has never been worn and its in amazing condition. This coat will come in handy for those cold autumnal days and will also look amazing with a massive colourful scarf.

I got this lovely navy cardigan with awesome detailed buttons for only £2.
This is a really light knit cardigan and plus it's in great condition so well worth the price. Im going to wear this to school a lot because its my school colour and it will also look awesome with a blouse for chilly autumn days.

And finally I got this bloody beautiful cream blouse for £1.75!
I had to get this because the see through pannels just did it for me. I also really liked the lovely pearl buttons because they add nice suttle detail.
This will look great with any cardie or jumper during autumn or winter don't you agree?

I was super happy because I was well under my £10 budget and still managed to get amazing items.
I hope I have inspired you guys to go and do a budget shop like I have and I hope I have proved to you that it is possible to get new clothes when you're skint.

Hope you enjoyed and don't forget you wont find anything unless you rummage and look for potential.
Thanks for reading. Hannah x
(I have more charity shop shopping tips on my YouTube- 123cuppycake123
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