Monday, 8 August 2011

Cyprus haul.

Hello guys :)
I couldn't think of any other post to do when I came back so I thought a Cyprus haul would be appropriate.
Everything I bought was in EUROS and if you want anything and are inspired try looking on ebay and the internet for similar items.

Lipstick- Mac, Good to be bad.
From duty free in Cyprus for 15.40 EURO.
Its a Mac pro lipstick and I've wanted it for the longest time (it's even in one of my weekly wants) so I decided snap it up.

Cyprus prayer mat purse 3.45 EURO.
Religious magnet 99 CENT.
Two FAKE ray ban glasses 15.00 EURO.

Rats tail combe. 2.00 EURO.
I've wanted a rats tail combe for ages and they are always very expensive so I seen this one and decided to get it. I'm planning to get my hair cut short soon so this will come in handy.

I got this ring from a random gift shop and it was 5.00 EURO.
If you know me you will know I love burgundy so I was instanly attracted to this little beauty.

These are HERMES sandles and they are made in Cyprus.
They were 23 EUROS.
They are real leather so I thought 23 EUROS was a bargain as they will last years.
I find these are really comfy but they do hurt your heel if you stand for ages.

Hope you enjoyed this post and got inspired.
Have a nice day, Hannah x.
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